Mini Home Financing in St. Anthony

Don’t let past financial decisions stand in the way of building the house you’ve always wanted. Nu Home Solutions specializes in connecting the people of St. Anthony with mini home financing options that align with your goals. As licensed professionals with many years of experience under our belts, we are the industry leaders you can trust to secure the best terms on your behalf.

In addition to constructing some of the best minis on the market, we’re also committed to connecting you with the most reputable lenders and the most reasonable loans.  Our brokers are looking forward to getting to know the specifics of your situation in deeper detail. This way, we can comb through each financing option available to you and set you up for long-term success with a monthly payment you can square away into your budget with ease.

If the dream of homeownership has been on your mind for a while now, it won’t hurt to book a risk-free consultation with our seasoned brokers. Take the first step today by phoning (709) 635-2400 to set up an appointment.

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Mini Home Mortgages

As specialists in mini-home mortgages and financing possibilities, our pros will help ensure you’re getting the most for your hard-earned dollar. At the same time, we also negotiate terms that match your financial capabilities, ensuring you are well-positioned to make your monthly payments and keep up with your property tax responsibilities.

What sets us apart from leading financial institutions and other brokers? We go above and beyond by taking the time to review every possible loan and mortgage option on the market. This way, we can present you with actionable options to help you secure your dream of homeownership.

A zero-risk consultation would give us the chance to understand the details of your financials, as well as your wishes and desires. Get in touch to book yours today.

Financing a Mini Home

Is a mortgage the best option? If you plan to spend $150 000 dollars or less, there are many other options to consider outside of traditional mortgaging. Did you know, personal and home equity loans are some of the most affordable avenues to homeownership when financing a mini home?

Two of the most common questions people ask us are:

Can You Finance a Mini Home?

When our clients ask us if it’s possible to finance a mini home, the answer is always yes. In addition to building the best mini houses in the region, we also offer unbeatable brokerage services. Our licensed brokers work with reputable lenders who help make your vision for the perfect residence a reality.

How Many Years Can You Finance a Mini House?

Although this varies by lender, typically, you can finance a mini house for up to 7 years. We recommend working with a broker who puts you first to ensure you’re getting the best interest rates and terms.

Book a Consultation for Mini Home Financing

Make time to explore the most profitable paths to homeownership in St. Anthony, so you can have the security and peace of mind you deserve. Phone us at (709) 635-2400 to get the ball rolling with a consultation that is free of obligation on your part.