Mini Home Builder in Stephenville

In recent years, tiny homes have grown in popularity. Many people are realizing they can live with less and save money while doing it.

If you are interested in learning about mini home building, or if you're ready and eager to start construction, Nu Home Solutions invites you to get in touch. Our mini home building team has spent years in the business, and we look forward to bringing your vision to life.

Reach us at (709) 635-2400 to book a consultation and get started today.

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Discuss Your Project with Our Small Home Builders

Before our team can get to work ordering materials and constructing your dream mini home, we need to learn a bit about you and what you're looking for. Our experts will take the time to meet with you during an initial consultation. We will get an idea of the size of the mini home you want to build, the materials you wish to use, and its location. We can also discuss your budget and timeline for the project and provide you with detailed pricing information.

Custom Mini Home Building

Over the years, our experts have learned that no two clients are the same. Everyone has a different vision and set of expectations when it comes to building a mini home, and we're excited to learn about yours.

Whether your style is more traditional or modern and contemporary, our team can introduce you to materials and designs you'll love within your budget.

We promise to take a highly customized approach to your mini home building from start to finish, so please let us know what your needs are, and we'll work to accommodate them.

Fast Turnarounds from Our Tiny Home Construction Company

When you're building a new home, you're on a schedule. You need somewhere to live, and our team is more than happy to work on your timeline. When we conduct our initial consultation, we'll gain an understanding of the scope of the project and give you a realistic estimate of how long it will take to complete.

Tiny homes don't take nearly as long to build as full-size homes, and we're confident we can get it done fast!

Mini Home Construction on Your Budget

One of the best things about building and living in a mini home is the money you save on materials, construction, utilities, and everything in between. Our team is also proud to offer some of the most competitive pricing on mini-home construction in the area. When you work with our experts, you can expect prices that are:

  • Competitive
  • Fair
  • Transparent

If you have questions about financials, be sure to reach our experts at your convenience. We're always happy to chat!

Reach Our Tiny Home Building Team Today

At Nu Home Solutions, building tiny homes isn't just our business, it's our passion. We are proud to be a part of the mini home revolution, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with you.

To get the ball rolling on your construction project, reach us at (709) 635-2400.