Mini Home Financing in Deer Lake

While tiny homes are a lot more affordable to design and build than traditional full-size houses, most people are not financially prepared to pay for their tiny home building upfront. Like the conventional mortgage options offered for homes, tiny houses are most often financed by a lender.

As your tiny home building company and a mortgage brokerage, our team is happy to work closely with lenders willing to provide tiny house financing options.

Before we begin designing your new home and getting the project underway, we will work with you to determine what kind of home you can afford and what a reasonable loan would look like.

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Traditional Mortgages vs. Mini Home Financing

Most home buyers and home builders are used to finding a home mortgage to finance these significant purchases. If you are spending less than 150,000 dollars on a mini home build, however, finding a mortgage isn't going to be your best option. Many individuals will opt to take out a personal loan or a home equity loan, but we are proud to offer our clients access to lenders willing to finance the project at great rates.

These lenders are affiliated with our experts directly and are familiar with the kind of homes we build. These lenders are trustworthy and offer low interest rates for the benefit of every client.

Discover The Tiny House Financing Options We Offer

While some people choose to find their own financing options, we recommend working with our partners. We trust the people we work with and know they are offering some of the best interest rates and long-term loans available on the market. Our home financing options are similar to that of a traditional mortgage, and this familiarity works well for our clients.

Find the Best Rates on a Mini Home Loan

While there are plenty of lenders to choose from in the Deer Lake area, Nu Home Solutions is proud to be affiliated with the very best. Our team understands that building a tiny home is still a considerable investment and finding great loan rates should be a priority. When you work with our team and our partners, you can expect rates that are:

  • Fair
  • Competitive
  • Transparent
  • Fully communicated

If you have questions and concerns about pricing, our experts are always more than happy to chat with you, so please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Connect with a Tiny Home Builder with Financing

Not every tiny home builder offers easy-to-access, high-quality financing options, but our experts are proud to. Doing so is just one of the many ways we work to make our services convenient for our clients.

We never overlook the importance of financing. Knowing where your money is going and what you'll have to pay back will give you peace of mind moving forward with your exciting project!

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